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we fight at dawn

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Welcome to England.

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This definitely caught my eye! I have always been obsessed with Viking culture and Norse Mythology. This Gibson SG features a detailed carving of Odin with his two ravens Huginn and Muninn and at his feet his two wolves Geri and Freki.

The 3rd and 12th fret positions feature a metal runic inlay and a Valknut symbol respectively. Upgraded Schaller hardware, fully rewired and loaded with a custom set of Seymour Duncan’s Black Winter Humbuckers.

There is a ‘metal’ band running along the body edge, binding the waxed wooden paneling.  The only actual metal added to the SG is the steel batwing pickguard.

PREPARE! Winter Is Coming! 

P.S. home boys in Amon Amarth need to play these on stage!



Norse mythology - Gods


That was so beautiful

This shit go hard


Star Wars X-Wing Light Fitting by Benjamin Rice

Designed and constructed in collaboration with Northern Backdrop Interior design and Tyson Lighting

The X-Wing frame was constructed using old Raleigh Grifter bikes.

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